Last updated November 17, 2008.

  1. I don’t tell people this exists. Good job if you found it.
  2. I invented twitter in 2006, or at least a precursor.
  3. My theme song is “I Don Quixote”, from The Lord of La Mancha.
  4. I take astronomy at university.
  5. I could have taken philosophy but the money isn’t as good.
  6. Sometimes I like philosophy more. Sometimes I hate it more than anything.
  7. I’m 27
  8. but still have stuffed animals.
  9. I own my own football.
  10. It’s red, purple, and plush.
  11. I own a gyroscope, a compass, and an abacus.
  12. I don’t remember how to use the abacus.
  13. I’ve eaten shark,
  14. and whale,
  15. and horse.
  16. My favourite place is the Renforth warf.
  17. I love swimming,
  18. but not at the wharf.
  19. I have no sense of direction (or distance) on the water.
  20. I just ate a very large portion of chocolate.
  21. I have blue eyes.
  22. I don’t know what colour to call my hair.
  23. I have a terrible memory for everyday things
  24. but I know the speed of light is 2.99792×10^8 m/s
  25. and that pi is about 3.14159265358979.
  26. I am Canadian.
  27. I make it a point to spell things the British way when I remember.
  28. I have six scars that I know of.
  29. One of them is because I wanted jelly beans.
  30. It is a Harry Potter scar.
  31. I cannot do magic
  32. but I cannot leave the magic.
  33. I love Fraggle Rock.
  34. Wembley is my favourite Fraggle.
  35. My favourite episodes are Marooned and Change of Address.
  36. I don’t have a favourite song.
  37. My favourite note in a song is the low A between “to be” and “of use” in the line “Even this foul creature may yet prove to be of use to me” in “The Bells of Notre Dame”
  38. I hated 1984 and I’m not afraid to argue the point.
  39. I despised Wuthering Heights but for unsupportable reasons, so I won’t argue that one.
  40. I’m a terrible corriemuchloch.
  41. I wish more people knew what shoeburyness meant.
  42. I buy only name brand cereal.
  43. I buy any brand shampoo
  44. and the cheap Zellers looseleaf (better than Hilroy).
  45. I can’t remember any movies that have made me cry, but I think there has been one.
  46. I like watching movies that have the same mood I’m feeling.
  47. I decided Go was my favourite movie without ever seeing it in English.
  48. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite movie anymore.
  49. I speak Japanese, poorly.
  50. Pocahontas is my favourite Disney movie.
  51. But Hunchback of Notre Dame has better music.
  52. By definition, I it is impossible to change your destiny.
  53. There is no difference between “dating” and “a relationship”. See point 99.
  54. Some people see little difference between “being friends” and “dating”.
  55. I was the editor for my high school yearbook.
  56. I played trumpet in a jazz band. I was terrible but I loved it.
  57. My grandfather had an arranged marriage to the ugliest woman in Europe, or so the story goes.
  58. I am Bohemian. Seriously.
  59. I can play piano.
  60. I have nothing memorized, so no I will not play anything for you.
  61. I stopped responding to my first name in grade 8, even with the teacher, but not on purpose.
  62. This website is like a toy to me.
  63. My goal in life is to own my own land with trees and access to a river or a lake
  64. and to have my own library.
  65. I’m terrible at procrastinating. (I.e., I’m too good at procrastinating for my own good.)
  66. I’m a pack rat with anything informative like books, notes, and photographs
  67. I used to say if I’d be anything it’d be something like Shinto.
  68. I’m an atheist, not least because Shinto is as bullshit as anything else.
  69. I always think it’s a bit weird when white people become Buddhists.
  70. I drink an average of 1 litre of milk a day.
  71. I prefer skim milk and abhor 2%.
  72. I like songs by the Beatles.
  73. Just not when the Beatles are the ones playing them.
  74. I have been to six countries, but I think two don’t really count.
  75. If I won the lottery I’d give a big chunk to my mom,
  76. and I’d still go to school,
  77. but I might change the subject.
  78. I hate Telus.
  79. I don’t drink alcohol
  80. unless someone else pays for it
  81. but only to be polite.
  82. I’ve never smoked pot and have no desire to.
  83. My favourite slogan is “Blood. It’s in you to give.”
  84. I love curling.
  85. I curled for the first time in October 2011.
  86. My mom loves Colleen Jones.
  87. Colleen Jones scares me.
  88. The CBC once quoted me in their coverage of the federal election.
  89. I once had my photo on the cover of the local paper.
  90. It was a very, very bad photo.
  91. I failed the first level of swimming lessons because I couldn’t blow bubbles.
  92. I can blow bubbles now.
  93. I can’t dive but I would like to learn.
  94. I had the chance when I was younger but didn’t take it.
  95. The Olympics make me feel lazy and out of shape.
  96. Peter Mansbridge is my favourite news anchor.
  97. I have never been to Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, or Antarctica.
  98. I used to intend to go to all five but I am much more jaded about travel now.
  99. I hate it when people over complicate things.
  100. I’m a lumper, not a splitter. Ask Professor Bisson for details.
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