So this rant is about nothing in particular. I’m just bored. That’s all. So I decided I’d write a little something so that I might be able to say that I update this page. Occasionally.

What I am doing is watching It’s a pretty cool “Reality” (I hate that word) TV show about eight Canadians living in a downtown Toronto loft. They make some really good, sometimes really funny, sometimes really X-ish rated, TV shows.

But now I’m just watching one of the snoopcams. They’ve got a little bit of a Big Brother idea going on there. Right now it’s just an empty hallway. Nobody’s home, except Tonya, but she’s not all the entertaining right now. Jason was, but he went out.

Now that you’re updated on the current happenings in the U8TV Loft, what else is there to talk about? Not much, I think. Hmm… I’ve been playing Utopia quite a bit lately. But I’m not that good at it, and I think I started a mutiny against our King. At least I invaded another province. Strange but true.

I don’t even know why I bother to write dribble like this. I’m just home alone, at one in the morning. Hmm again. What to do?

Personally, I like chocolate chip bagels. I eat far too many of them in a day. Now when it comes to toast, my favourite is to make two pieces, butter them up real nice, and put them under a toast-hat for at least a minute. Then you get that nice soggy-type of soap you get in a restaurant because they make them in bulk. Now the bad thing is, you can’t buy toast hats anymore. So what am I going to do when I move away?

And now that you know all about my breakfast habits, I just saw on U8TVNews that Danny stole a Bible. Nice job.

Hey, they’re talking about Moulin Rouge! And Dan says it’s one of his favourite movies! Whoo-hoo, he’s my new favourite lofter. That and he’s funny cause he always looks like he’s in shock. So he’s cool. And Jason and Heather, of course, cause they’re cool too.

You know, this is the longest rant I’ve ever written, but there’s just about no content worth reading. “Think this is Gummo? You need Showcase”. Sorry, just quoting commertials. And I am such a hideous speller. “Think this is Queer as Folk? You need Showcase”. Sorry, more commertials. “Ready girls?”

I am such a loser. Aw well. But I am supercool, so I guess it all works out. I think this’ll be just about enough of this rant. Far too much nonsense. In conclusion, watch U8TV, eat soggy toast, and you need Showcase.

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