Yesterday, I spent most of the day with Mrs Hayasaka. I brought my piano music and played a lot. She’s a piano teacher, so she had lots of other music for me too. I also got to see more of Nagasaki because we walked around quite a bit. We went to see the site of the 26 Saints of Japan where I saw a big monument, a statue of a Japanese God off in the distance like the big one of Jesus in Rio, and a big graveyard in the mountainside. I love the look of Japanese graveyards because everybody is creamated had has tiny little graces with gold inlay that shines in the sun.

Today Anita came to town and we hung out from about 2:30 when her train came in from Isahaya till 8:00. We did purikura twice, Karaoke (really bad… but funny… karaoke, that is) for an hour (¥500), when to Starbucks, the mall there, and Dejima wharf, and got lost on the way to Chris’s Pizza. We did eventually find the place. Apparently it’s really cheap pizza (¥1000) and the only place you can get it mayonaise-free. The guy who runs the place, Chris, is an American and a really cool guy. He took ¥800 off our bill and said we could stick around to be in a photo shoot for Nagasaki Press. Now I’ll have to see if I can find a copy of that magazine. Anita might come again next week after her Rotary meeting and we can finally get to the Peace Park (like we planned to do today).

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