So I had my first day of school today. It was pretty basic stuff because most of it was just one of the english teachers telling me what classes I have and getting fitted for my uniform. I’ve never had so many pairs of shoes in my life (classroom slippers, outdoor, gym shoes, and fancy outside-the-school dress shoes, plus all the ones I already own). I can’t wear necklaces and I have to shave my goat (pfft :( ) I know my friends will laugh when they see pictures, but I’ll survive.

Two of three English teachers are foreign. There’s Vitor from Brazil and Eddie from LA. There are only like four classes a day or less that I have to go to. The rest of the time I can either go to teh library and maybe do caligraphy with the librarian, stay in class and not pay attention, or hang out with Eddie and Vitor. They say they can help out with my Japanese even though I apparently already know more than Eddie. Shiina-sensei, the third english teacher, has one page of homework for me every day which is supposed to help me too.

The students all seem to think I’m some kind of celeb. A lot think it’s great to say “hello” and hear me say something in english back. I really want to get away from that, though, and start in on the Japanese. Now whenever I see something I can read or when I have a chance to use a new word, I use it. It’s not something I’d do in English. “Look, it’s an exit sign!” I think I’m starting to understand the bus and train system and I have a rough ida of my way around town.

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