Today was a really good day, despite getting off the bus at the wrong stop this morning (I was only a little lost). I had my first caligraphy (shodou) lesson today with the librarian at Kaisei. We did the numbers 1-10, yama, kawa, and a-i-u-e-o. The forms are very simple but it’s difficult to make the strokes just right.

Apparently, I’m very popular at a nearby girl’s high school even though I’ve never been there. My friend Kura’s girlfriend’s friends apparently saw me somewhere and thought I was handsome. So after school, Kura, Ryouta and I went to take some purikura for them.

I’ve decided now that it’s my goal to bring a purikura machine back to Canada with me. I don’t know why we don’t have them yet! Being able to put all sorts of graffiti all over the pics and printing dozens of copies of the pics makes those simple photo booths back home look pathetic. You probably have to do it to understand how much fun it is. In arcades there are always half a dozen different machines and everybody here loves it.

When I went bowling with my okaasan tonight, I saw a couple cool video games. In one, moving your whole body moves your character. It’s done with lasers or something. I’ve heard of that sort of stuff before but never seen it. There was also one where you controlled a person dancing by moving your feet around. It was mostly cool because I saw the same thing in one of the five “King of the Hill” episodes I’ve ever seen (In it they go to Japan and I figured they just made it up). By the way, I won two out of three bowling games but okaasan got more points in the end.

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