I just want to say a little something about the food and technology.

The food is all different. Most of the traditional stuff I can’t identify, other than “veggie”, “meat”, “egg”, and “liquid”. Things don’t get sweet here much and all the flavours are different, so the palette really had to adjust. It’s probably not a good idea to even look at your food sometimes. Once I discovered that some shredded veggies were actually a bunch of whole candied fish. Also today I found a few baby-sized octopuses in my soup. They’re really chewey. Melon-soda is good too.

As for technology, a lot of the time the Japanese just use more of it, like making the yellow line blink in the middle of the road, or having water shoot out of the toilet. I’m sure that level of technology exists in Canada, we just don’t think to use it in those new ways though. But the cell phones are like concentrated technology packets. And if you ever need to know how far away a certain address is, just go ask the car. Type in or select phone numbers, postal codes, or addresses, and that car’ll give you a map, real-time directions, distance, estimated time of arrival, and a bunch more. Satelite systems will even warn you if they is danger ahead on the road. Otoosan once got a warning 30 min in advance. Suge!

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