School has turned out to be really boring most of the time, like when I can’t understand anything that’s said. For a lot of my classes, I can do to the English conversation room, which is either really cool or extremely boring, depending on whether Vitor and Eddie are there.

PE class was absolutely terrible because for two hours on Wednesday and Thursday we were out in the hot sun marching and jogging around. I learned on Friday, though, that it was because we were practicing for a sports festival. That would explain all the races and games. Still, though, I got sun burn. Regular PE class will be normal stuff like softball and volleyball.

The festival, which we also practiced for all day Friday, was really cool. The whole school took part competing by class. We marched onto the field in a parade-of-nations style, sang the Japanese anthem and the school song, and then began the competitions. Spectators and classes sat around the field under tents and cheered everybody on. I only played one event – “sunatori gasen”. Two teams of either try to get three of five ropes to their end, so the game turns into a tug of war times three.

I ended up having a lot of fun sitting in the shade with some friends. There are three guys I spend most of my time with, but just about everybody knows me. The love saying “Hi” and giving me a thumbs up or waving, stuff like that. Today I said hi to some girls and they all started giggling :)

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