So last week I had my first Juudou class in school. Naturally I was way behind everybody else, who have presumably been taking Judo for at least a few months before me – and probably much longer. I found out Ryouta is a black belt, so he tried to teach me some moves. Mainly I just learned how to fall properly, but I don’t think I’m very good at it.

There was another class today but all we did was take a test. I spent the whole time figuring out one particular question which had diagrams and a few simple kanji that I could recognize (front, back, left, right – that sort of thing). I actually got five parts right! So, if you want in all the other questions I didn’t do, I figure my Judo average is now around 1.3%. And if you consider the fact that I didn’t even hand the test back in probably eliminates that little bit. Usually I wouldn’t even take the test, but I had gone to the class expecting some martial arts action.

Speaking of tests and not going to school, I expect that after this week, I’ll only be able to go to school about two days in three weeks. On Saturday everybody goes to Imari for a two day District convention, then afterwards we have our big tour of Kyushu. That we either ends on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on who you ask. The next week my class has exams on four of the five days, meaning I probably won’t have to go to school for most of that week, but there’s no guarantee. The week after that is the school trip to Hokkaidou. I suppose that’ll kind of be like school, because most of the same people will be there but without all the boring classes or sitting around by myself in the English Conversation classroom.

School today was actually uncharacteristically entertaining. Especially since Ryouta did magic tricks in Chemistry instead of paying attention (the fact that I know that means I wasn’t paying attention either, of course) and Kuramoto and I shared a book in English, meaning it was easier to talk and tell him how many mistakes the teacher was making. I think today was one of the first days ever that I didn’t spend a period studying by myself, unless you count the very last one where I skipped Advanced Japanese to mess around on the piano. The only reason I’m alone with nothing to do now is I’m waiting for Dragon Dancing practice to start. We’ve had the last three weeks off, expect for one meeting and a trip to Nagasaki’s “Big N” stadium out towards the university to check out their giant 120m 68 person dragon. The thing was so huge that I could barely lift the head!

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