I had a meeting with the principal a while back, but I don’t remember much about it. I just saw it written on my things-to-write-about list. One thing I do remember is that I was ten minutes late. It’s not my fault though! Kura took me to the principle’s office first, but we couldn’t go in because a red arrow on the door was pointing to something that meant in-a-meeting. But of course in Kanji. Anyway, when the principal came our he told me to come back in 10 minutes, which I did, but I didn’t know if I Was allowed to go in because the red arrow was pointing to something new. So I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out what it said with my dictionary, but I finally just figured screw it and went in anyway. I guess I hadn’t quite learned by that point that it’s perfectly acceptable to just ignore the kanji I can’t understand. Just do it and see what happens.

Ok, so that being said, lets move on to something completely unrelated – Jaodori. I was on TV way back in January! I was also in the paper, but that wasn’t nearly as fun as TV. They interviewed me! I only got one sentence on the air, and it was pretty pathetic, but it was still the best television interview I’ve ever done. (See my New Year’s day story for comparison). They came and filmed a practice, interviewed the captain, subcaptain and me, and put together a cool 10 minute set for this show called Dekitate Gopan. It’s got shots of my school and the city, as well as Jaodori of course, so it’ll be cool to show people back home. There was some footage from when we went to the special-needs school in Oomura back in (maybe) December. We showed a bunch of them how to do it. They even have a team in the opening ceremonies of the big sports meet – Youmesoutai – in July.

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