I just saw The Phantom of the Opera. It was pretty good… although I think the cinematography sometimes felt like it was trying too much. But hey, everybody loves an Andrew Lloyd Webber opera. Even Jacqueline! She loves this one, anyway, but only because she was raised on it. Not any other musical, mind you, just Phantom. I now picture her childhood with the soundtrack playing on constant repeat in the background. Hehehe.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You bastard!!! You went without me! And in Montreal! And with another girl!

  2. GP says:

    HEY! I was *going* to go with you. It’s stupid Saint John’s fault, remember? Now if you only lived in Montreal with me then we wouldn’t be having this problem :p

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s great that you know who this is just from the bitchy irrationality:)
    Well, we’ll just have to have a night when you get home where all we’ll do is watch Phantom 7 times:)

  4. GP says:

    You know it’s true. At first I was like “oh, it’s anonymous, I’ll never know who wrote it.” But then, “wait… calling me a bastard… irrational anger… haha! Meghan!”

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