I’m in Burnside again. I seem to be getting stuck here a lot lately. I have 45 minutes to kill, which will bring me to 5:00, which is when I’m meeting Yasaka.

There’s a weekly crossword that my paper back home in New Brunswick runs. If anybody successfully completeles the crossword, they win some money, the value of which increases by $25 every week until somebody does win. Surely someone must win fairly often, right? No! This is no ordinary crossword. Most of the letters are already filled in, but every word is missing one letter. It just so happens that with the clue you are given, there are two (and sometimes more) letters that can fit in that empty space and make sense. The trick is to pick the right one. And which one do you know is right? My mom’s theory is that the right one is the one that makes some combination that nobody entered that week, because then they never have to pay out the money. But they always print up the correct answers and why each letter was the way it was the following week, so they’ve had to have thought about this. Let’s do an example!

Clue: TO ____ TIME
Answer: _ILL (i.e. a four letter word ending in I-L-L)

My first paragraph reminded me of this particular clue. (It is, in fact, the only clue I can remember.) And this is all the information you get. There’s no other word intersecting the answer in such a way that it would fill in the blank letter for you. So what is it? What’s the right answer!?

I’ll tell you tomorrow.

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