It’s interesting to see the various ways people find my website. I can look up, for example, what search terms in any given search engine has led people here. My own name was the most popular one, especially after I mentioned it in my MSN nickname. Also interesting are “math nebula” and “sum of symmetric matrix and skew-matrix”. Those are clearly just because I feel the need to complain about math so much (he said eying the calculus textbook which is open and the problems that remain unsolved out of the corner of his eye). But the one I like best is “small steps ellie”. Seriously. I made that one random reference to Contact on the updates page and it let to somebody coming to my site. Clearly that’s not really what they wanted, but cool nonetheless. So naturally I searched for “small steps ellie” myself and found at least three other people saying it in their blogs or what have you in the exact same way I had used it. It’s a cultural phenomenon that’s sweeping the planet! I feel very satisfied.

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