I came into school a half hour early in the hopes that seeing my prof might help me out with the assignment we have due on Friday, but nobody else was there (as I had thought) and I didn’t really have any specific questions for him, so it was kind of a bust. I was hoping for a tutorial of some kind, but he told me he might set something up for tomorrow. ARgharh.

So anyway, now I’m down here in the dank depths of Burnside killing time. Anybody out there want to learn to read Japanese? The Kanji SITE – A guide for students of Japanese Kanji. And it works for chinese too! Well, to a small extent… I’ve heard it said that Japanese people can understand Chinese but it doesn’t work the other way around. Makes it sound like the Japanese took the Chinese characters (which they did) and made them even more incomprehensible. Really they simplified the way they write their language, but in a way that keeps meanings of the old chinese characters (which is why Chinese is vaguely understood by the Japanese) in an entirely new context (which is why Japanese isn’t by the Chinese). It’s all quite fun…. well it fills the time anyway.

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