It’s 2:41 and I’m in the Burnside computer labs, trying to kill some time. There’s a lecture this afternoon by one of the profs in the physics department about neutron stars. I think he’s one of the big astrophysicists around. Well anway, that’s not until 4:30, which means I have almost two hours with nothing to do…

My calculus midterm is over and done with, which means that Signal Processing is next on the list. There are a few other assignments to deal with in the meantime as well… I’m going to be glad when the reading week comes along. It’ll be like this wonderfully magical and magically wonderful time of no school and lots of sleeping. Oh the beautiful sleep! Sure, I’ll still have assignments to work on, but so much time to do them in. I’ll probably end up slacking off till the last minute anyway and waste the whole week away, but it’ll be nice, that’s the point.

I’m going to goread about neutron stars.

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