Worst neighbours ever. We just had the police come to our place for the second time now because of a noise complaint. A NOISE complaint. Shall we review what we’ve been up to today? I got home from campus at about 7:45 after a long day working on our lab. I made a pizza while Jacqueline watched some TV. Sabrina was here but left around that time. Jacqueline I think was using her computer in her room and I started work on my calculus assignment by 8:30. Now, at 1:00, I haven’t left my room except for food/tea/bathroom and the only thing I’ve been doing other than calculus would have been messing around on my computer. There were also some conversations with Jacqueline, who was working on genetics or just messing around on her computer. I was getting ready for bed and she was already in bed. This was when the police arrived. My desk is covered with calculus notes and textbooks, with Beethoven of all things playing on the stereo with the volume at 6 (out of 50). Unless Jacqueline has some damn hell ass bad snoring which magically penetrates the floor of our apartment into the unit below but not the walls into my bedroom, we weren’t making any noise! The only possible thing that I can think of was when my textbook slipped off my lap onto the floor, but even then the fall was cushioned by my toe (something I can still feel, by the way) and so didn’t make much of a bang at all. Why do the people below hate us so much!?

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