Random Thing Number 1:
I am a Crunchy Crustacean

Random Thing Number 2:
Today we calculated the speed of light something like 50 times and took like eight partial derivatives to find the error on each and every one of those (well technically Art did the derivatives, and Excel actually did all the calculating, but we’re not really keeping score). So, the speed of light is officially 2.9464 x 10^10 cm/s. Ish.

Random Thing Number 3:
I have seven assignments and labs due next week, plus one midterm in Advanced Calculus (Complex Variables).

Random Thing Number 4:
I’m going to be a subject in a lab experiment tomorrow. I hope they pay me $60 :D

Random Thing Number 5:
My ODE prof is from Morocco and he “dots” his h’s.

Random Thing Number The Last:
“You can not leave the magic.”

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