A lazy reading week is coming to a close soon and I’ve done so little it’s depressing. I didn’t do any work until Thursday, and even then only for a few token hours – not enough to finish anything. And now all the work suddenly seems so huge that I’m getting all bogged down again, which was the entire point of having a reading week to begin with. I didn’t even go out for fun. Gughugh.

I would like to order food tonight, even though I’m $20 over budget this week, not including the $103 dollars I charged to the good old credit card to replace pots and whatnot Sabrina took when she moved out. But Jacqueline’s not here and it’s sad to order food alone.

AEOGAHEG! Freakin Yasaka just called me, three months since I last heard from him, and told me he’s been in Montreal since January 5th. He says he was preparing for his audition (which was yesterday I think) so didn’t have time to call, but FHREAITAUHAGUBNAU! Grrr. I’m meeting him on Monday. He brought me chanpon, though, so I think I should forgive him :)

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