I was in the ugly Burnside basement for eight hours today working on our big old Experimental Methods lab. Damn you electromagnetic waves! We’re going back tomorrow, which means it’s even more important for me to finish the complex variable assignment tonight (what’s a harmonic conjugate again?).

However… Minority Report is on CBC Movie Night in Canada. As I recall, I didn’t like the ending because it didn’t make any sense. But I forget why it didn’t make any sense, so really I need to see it again. Ah calculus-ulus-ulus (touchy-touchy)…. tonight, get done you shall not.

So, things not getting done tonight are:
1. Advanced calculus assignment
2. Signal Processing lab report
3. Signal Processing assignment
4. Linear algebra assignment
5. Experimental methods assignment
6. Ordinary Differential Equations assignment
7. Studying for calculus midterm

At least I’ll be able to bake some muffins again while I watch the movie :D And I promise I’ll work afterwards. And get up early tomorrow. Really. Really I will.

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