February 14th and I’m home alone working on math problems. :p Here’s an equation for everyone to chew on:

en+1 = (h x f(tn,yn)) + (?”(tn) x h²/2!) + (?”’(tn) x h³/3!) – h[f(tn,yn) + (h/2 x ?”(tn)) + (1/2! x (h²/4 x ftt(tn,yn)) + (h²/2 x fty(tn,yn) x f(tn,yn)) + (h²/4 x fyy(tn,yn) x (f(tn,yn))²)]

(Ok, sure, that’s not fair, this is halfway through a particular proof and there are lots of simplications that I do on the next step, but still, it’s long. Eewwww.)

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