I’m just having the most fantasticly clever day today. It’s monday morning at 10:02 AM and I am in Burnside yet again. You see, my Calculus class starts at 10:05. But the thing is, Calculus is on Tuesday and Thursday. Not Monday. Not today. I have Linear Algebra today. And it doesn’t start until 11:35.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t even thinking that I was going to calculus, or even that it was Tuesday. I knew full well that it was Monday and that I was on my way to Linear Algebra. I just didn’t think very clearly about what time it started. I went to peek in the room at 10:00 but it was all full. Why would it be full at 10:00? And where is everybody else in my class? Clearly they’re all SLEEPING because class doesn’t start for an HOUR and a HALF!

I’m going to Tim Hortons and I’m going to win a GMC Envoy, goddammit!

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