I came across this interesting article today, after hearing about it on Train 48: Teacher loses weight on ‘Super Size Me’ diet.

I remember hearing people talk about how watching that movie, Super Size Me, made them sick at the thought of any fast food at all, especially, of course, MacDonalds. It’s good to realize, though, that there was an obvious bias there. Sure, it had its point of showing how unhealthy that kind of food can be, but one also has to realize that eating only one type of anything will never be healthy. I could probably eat nothing but tofu for days, but you can be sure that I won’t get the proper nutrition I’d need and suffer because of it, despite how healthy we all know tofu to be.

Of course, this teacher, Les Sayer, had the explicit purpose of losing weight on a diet consisting solely of MacDonalds food, and was able to do that by keeping his portions reasonable. We definitely should not take this to mean that MacDonalds food will help us all loose weight, but rather it should make us take notice of the fact that it is up to us both to pay attention to what we eat (including how much of it) and also media biases in the information we use to make our decisions.

Slightly unrelated fact worth keeping in mind: Pure water is toxic and can kill you.

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  1. Lelsie says:

    Pure water is not toxic. There can be toxins present in water, requiring it to be filtered so as not to pose a danger. But your statement that it is pure water that is toxic is incomplete, therefore, incorrect.

  2. GP says:

    No, pure water, H20 and nothing else, will kill you if you drink too much of it. Toxins in water can also kill you, but so can water by itself.
    A basic explanation is here:

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