According to my website statistics tracker thing, my website is one year old today :) 3354 hits so far and counting!

I can’t help but doubt that accuracy though… I mean, I only found out because I was procrastinating (more exams next week) and was playing around with all the possible settings. I tried loading up the stats from the beginning of time, and it was all zeros on the days further back than April 24, 2005. This is the first time I’ve ever tried loading all the data and it just happened to be one year long… quite the coincidence, no?

Oh wait… nevermind. I just checked my own updates page and found that I really did upload the site on April 23rd… so… Happy Birthday to me again :)

And yet another coincidence: Happy birthday to Chiarman too! And, I suppose, happy birthday to Audrey, Shelagh, and, yes, even Guster Buster, all of whom had birthdays this month as well. It’s just a big old happy month now isn’t it. I wonder where all the cake’s been…

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