La dee da, I have a final exam tomorrow. Guess what it is? Linear Algebra! It’s inevitable that that would bring me to update my blog. I’ve been studying all day and I have a stack of index cards to proove it. I also just ate half a bag of chocolate chips and this tube of Pringles here on my desk knows its days are numbered. (And by “days”, I mean “minutes”.) I did eat some vegetables earlier though so my health is not completely lost.

Now, it has come to my attention that some people believe I am forging my site statistics so I’ve made them public here. Unfortunately, since I only have a free account with StatCounter, it only records the last 100 visitors, so those random Uruguay numbers have been weeded out (they were actually from a couple weeks ago). If you want to see all the dirt, be sure to click on all the different categories on the menu down the left side of the page. “Countries” is the one that gave me the graph I posted on Tuesday. See if you can find your own IP address and look at all the information that can be automatically gathered about your web surfing habits :D

Now back to the books!

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