So I was watch Sienfeld as I often do while I was eating my dinner and I was blown away again. Something Kramer said:

New scene.
Kramer, backstage, talking to some aspiring young actors.

Kramer: So my acting technique, my personal acting technique is working with color, imagining color, then finding the emotional vibrational mood connected to the color. See, if you look through my scripts, you’ll see that all my lines have a special color, so I don’t memorize language, I memorize color. This way I can go through red, yellow, green, blue. And I have a full palette of emotions.

Studio Guard: Hey, didn’t I tell you to get out of here?

So I’m not crazy after all! I do that too, you see. Well, sort off. I can easily associate most words with various colours. “Colour”, for example, is yellow. Now I know my mom does it too to some extent, but this is final proof that it’s not that weird after all. Obviously if a fictional character on a TV sitcom does it, then it must be normal.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Yeah… we learn things by compounding information. For instance; I have this horrible letter association problem. We learn words by compounding the information, in fact. That is the key to written language(or at least I am claiming it to be so). Like… we know that letters can be a word if they are in the right combination.

  2. GP says:

    But, rearsech has aslo swohn that you can rogenicze what wdros are even if the letrets aern’t in the rghit oredr, as long as the first and last leterts are in the rihgt spot. Exipaln that!

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