I learned some more useful information today. I may, for example, be low on GABA receptors. They are the main targets for drugs and alocohol, and seeing as how I don’t respond very easily to drugs or alcohol, I must have no receptors. Well, some, but not a lot. Caffeine, morphine, codeine… all nothing!

Well, I didn’t think morphine did much, but I suppose I did suffer withdrawal for a couple days when I stopped taking it. Oh, and I also had the most fantastic dreams those few nights. One was the first fifteen minutes of a (non existant) Monty Python movie. Complete with opening credits, full soundtrack, dialogue, the beginnings of some plot…. everything! Even the video quality was reminiscent of the 1970s. Another dream was a full episode of the Family Guy. Again, it had a fully developed plot and was, I thought, very very funny. Of course I was apparently high on morphine.

Caffeine, however does nothing. I can drink a big honking coffee and three chocolate bars and go to sleep no problem. Although Julia promises me that chocolate covered coffee beans will fix that problem… and I plan on taking her up on that challenge!

Also I feel that I should tell everybody that The Holy Empire of Blunderbrain is now a Corrupt Dictatorship. I’m the best Emperor ever!

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