So I’ve been messing around with this website for while, putting up some old photo galleries from way back in the summer of 2002 when I first got my digicam, and I’ve come to a bad realisation. I’m quite poor. Webspace wise, anyway. I’m down to just about 1 meg. Aaa! So, if somebody pays me $6/month I’ll be able to upgrade but otherwise, no more photos for you! Unless of course I find another service provider with a lot more space… but, I hate change. I like to stick with the web address I’ve got. Although if someone wants to give me another like $40/month or however much it is, I could get my own domain name! Har har. Like that’ll ever happen. (Although I would make you the title sponsor… then, it’ll be “Your Name Here Presents Uncle Greg’s Old Tyme Jug Band Fun Time Hour”… I know you’d all love to see that on the internet!)

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