Well, it’s a new season here in Verdun. I’m not sure exactly which that might be, since I was under the impression that we were more in the middle of one, but still, they’ve taken down the big red radishes that used to adorn the sidewalks of Rue Wellington and replaced them with big yellow and orange sunflowers. They’ve also started advertising that big event like thing where they close down Rue Wellington and turn it into Promenade Wellington… which essentially just means that all the stores get to put all their junk on the street for a while. And for some reason I feel like there are also ponies involved… hmmm… but I might be making things up.

You know, I just noticed that my appartment is not on Rue Woodland, which is what I have been believing all along… maybe the just put up new signs or something, because I swear it used to be Rue Woodland. Well anyway, now all the street signs say Avenue Woodland and it leads me to believe that my whole life up until this point has been a lie.

More importantly, my ODE exam is tomorrow and I still don’t know how to find the first solution to a linear second order homogeneous differential equation. Oh dear… I did, at least, get another A, which again I was not expecting, and so I’m still in good spirits about my possibilities! Bring it on Laayouni!

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