1. Unbelievable news! Our prayers have been answered:
Muppet Central Forum – It’s Official: Fraggle Rock Season 1 Box Set

2. Chiaman had the biggest birthday dinner ever today. Seriously, like, 30 people, all crammed around one table. I also won at bowling. Good times.

3. One of the most confusing things about Japanese is that the words “un” and “uun” are two different things and have completely opposite meaning. Specifically, “un” means yes and “uun” means no. It’s very tricky, but luckily since I was never really good at voicing the difference myself (although I could hear it easily) the Japanese people I was speaking too always asked me to repeat myself.

4. Once, my host mother offered me a piece of chocolate cake, so I said “ii” which, at the time, I thought was equivalent to saying “yes please” but it turns out it actually means “no thanks”. I didn’t get any cake and was sad and confused all at once.

5. And to further the confusion even more, “iya” which sounds like “yeah” actually means “no”.

6. I had coffee with my friend Laura in a window seat at a Starbucks in Nagasaki one afternoon. The next day my friends Kura and Ryouta asked me who that blonde was I was on a date with, not because they had seen me there, but because they had heard from some people that went to a different high school on the other side of the city and whom I have never even met. That’s what being white in small-town Japan is like.

7. By the way; Albe albe albe!

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