So, for everyone who wanted to know, the mnemonic from my last post represents, in a very sloppy way, north to south and west to east, the following:

Washington oregon california? I’daho nevada montana wyoming utah colorado arizona new mexico. Northadakota southdakota, “nebraska kansas oklahoma texas” but minnesota iowa missouri arkansaw louisiana. Michigan wisconsan illinois indiana ohio kentucky tennesee mississippi alabama. Maine newhampshire vermont massacheusettes rhodeisland conneticut newyork pennsylvania newjersey on delaware of maryland and virginia went westviringia to northcarolinasouthcarolina georgia florida.

Most of it makes no sense, but really, I’l quite proud of “I’daho nevada montana wyoming utah colorado arizona new mexico.” I know I’ll never forget it. The bit with KFC was pretty good too but it kinda fell apart around Mississippi. The real question is, why hasn’t anybody made an MP3 of the “So long and thanks for all the fish” song from Hitchhiker!?

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