I realized yesterday afternoon while watching a movie in my room that watching a movie in Japanese, to me, is a lot like watching a movie in English but with the volume just a little too low. You can see all the visual effects and the tones of voices, but you can only identify the actual words being spoken about half the time.

My favourite movie to date, at least most of the time, is one such movie. It’s called GO, and I’ve never seen it in English. I don’t know what the characters are saying exactly most of the time, and I certaintly can’t quote any part of it, except for two lines:

“Hiroi sekai o miro. Soshite, jibun de kimero.”


“Namae tte nani? Bara to yondeiru hana o, betsu no namae ni shite mite mo, utsukushii kaori wa sono mama.”

But even then, the first one doesn’t really count because I can’t translate it very well (“Look at the wide world, then, decide for yourself”… or something) and the second one is cheating because it’s actually Shakespeare.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Regardless, there’s something about this movie that I love. I tend to like movies with injustices like sexism, racism, homophobia, etc, because they usually speak to something deeper than Bond movies or XXX. Plus, not only is this a movie about racism, but it’s a kind of racism that I’ve experienced myself. At least, to some small degree. (Even though, time and time again, we are reminded that GO is actually a love story.)

I also saw the movie Crash just recently. In structure it’s a lot like another movie I enjoyed, Love Actually, in that it seems to be telling the many unconnected stories of many unconnected people before everything comes together. (That in itself is a reason why I liked this movie, I guess… I’m always a fan of anything with an “everything is connected” theme, a la i ? huckabees)

Meghan and I were both, by the way, very happy to have discovered what we believe to be an important piece of symbolism in the movie. We feel Mrs. Farren would be proud.

One last thing to think about – Aside from both being about racism, Crash and GO both end with a light snow storm. What is it about racism and snow? What is the connection here? I feel like there’s a deeper meaning here and everywhere…

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