Ok, so there are get rich quick schemes all over the place, but finally I think I’ve found one that actually might work… although it’s more of a “get a bit of money as long as you put the time into it” scheme.

Netbux.Org – Get Paid To Search The Net!

All you have to do is search the internet. I take ten minutes to plug in 40 random words (which is the max you can do in one day) and so slowly, but surely, the money builds up. The thing that’s good is that it doesn’t depend on you making referrals or anything (though it does help). Doing it completely on my own, without any referrals, as long as I do it every day, I’d $24 a month. Nothing fancy, but it’s more than I’m making otherwise. I figure I usually spend at least 10 minutes messing around on the internet not doing anything every day anyway, I might as well make a bit of money in the process. So give it a try.

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