Time started: 15:07
Nickname: Sexy Beast, MB, Llama
Single or Taken: single
Sex: male
Sign: “Squeeze Left”
Siblings: Two niichans and an imouto
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Blue
Shoe size: 11 to 13
Height: 6’2
What are you wearing right now: Calvin Klein jeans I bought for $4 and a green T-shirt that says “Eat or be eaten” in Japanese
Where do you live: Rothesay, New Brunswick and/or Montreal, Quebec
Righty or lefty: Righty
Any pets: Gusterbuster!
Can you make a dollar change right now: ba?

Who are your closest friends?: Guserbuster!
Do you have a bf or gf?: Too many of one, not enough of the other
Did you send this to your crush: Da, um, yeah… *dreams of beenie*
Best place to go for a date: what’s a date?
Fav romantic memory: That time my bo snuck into my room and wrote a big romantic poem on my window while I was sleeping so I’d be surprised in the morning… wait… that was Albe… crap.

Fashion Stuff
Where is your fav place to shop: places that have the clothes I want to buy
Do you have any tattoos or piercings?: nope
Favorite kind of pants: sexy pants!

Colour: red
Number: 13
Food: dark chocolate, sushi, lobster
Boys name: boys names all suck
Girls name: Ellie
Subject in school: physics (and in a love-hate kind of way, religion)
Animal: puppies!
Drink: lately water… I’m so boring…
Celebrity: Alexander Despaties
Sport: swimming
Veggie: tomato
Fruit: cantaloupe
Fast food place: Subway
Place to visit: “We all live in the subtropical part of Japan”
Month: June… except for stupid rainy June
Singer (or band): HY
Movie: GO (you’ll all see it once I get my copy!)
Ice Cream: mint chip and fudge
Perfume: NEVER!
Favorite cartoon character: do Fraggles count? If not, The Weekenders

Have you ever
Given anyone a bath: had one given to me ;)
Smoked: no
Bungee jumped: no
Broken the law: only sort of
Made yourself throw-up: no
Went skinny dipping: yess
Been in the opposite sex’s washroom: yes
Eaten a dog biscuit: no
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: my friend did… I laughed
Someone ever made you cry: no
Broken a bone: my sternum, but that was on purpose
Played truth or dare: “truth” “who do you like?” “dare” “kiss them!”
Been in a physical fight: no
Rode in a police car: no
Been on a plane: so many times
Come close to dying: stupid jerk cut me off this morning
Been in a sauna: yes… even nudie ones!
Been in a hot tub: yes
Swam in the ocean: naturally
Fallen asleep in school: damn jet lag
Kissed your cousin: have i met my cousin?
Ran away: once when I was sleep walking, but I only made it as far as the garage
Pictured your crush naked: how else?
Ever had a sex dream: hehehe
Broken someone’s heart: its possible… i hope not
Cried when someone died: *sniff* We love you Douglas Adams!
Wanted someone: grrrwl :)
Flashed someone: no
Lied: yes
Cried in school: no
Laughed so hard you fell off your chair: no
Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: no
Saved MSN conversations: i should delete those…
Saved e-mails: rarely
Wished you were someone else: if by “were” you mean “had”
Wished you were a member of the opposite sex: oh god no
Fallen for your best friend?: not really
Made out with JUST a friend?: not really
Been rejected: not really
Been in love?: no
Been cheated on? not that I know of *squinty eye*
Done something you regret?: maybe if I thought about it

First Thing That Comes to mind
Red: blue
Blue: green
Autumn: fall
Cow: meat
Greenland: denmark

What Is
Your good luck charm: a little horseshoe charm Mrs. Salter gave me, and also a dragon scale I got in Japan
Best song you ever heard: couldn’t decide
Stupidest thing you have ever done: let’s not get into that
Whats your room like: mine
Describe your crush: in limbo at the moment
Your most prized possession: the dragon scale… but I might think of something more meaningful if I thought of it
Last thing you said: “haha”
What is beside you: a book and a camera
Last thing you ate: Alphaghetti and Mocha Moose Cake
Fav song: maybe AM11:00… maybe not
What kind of shampoo do you use: Dippity Doo. Because it cost $1.
Something that has happened to you this year: Had my room invaded by dogs and cats
Worst thing that has happened to you this year: can’t think of what it might have been

Have You Ever Had
Chicken pox: Yes
Sore Throat: Yes
Cold: Yes
Stiches: Yes
Bloody nose: Yes
Surgery: Yes

Do you
Believe in love at first sight: it might become that
Enjoy parks: yes
Like picnics: i assume that i do
Like school: usually
What schools have you gone to: Rothesay Elementary, Harry Miller Junior High, Harry Miller Middle, Rothesay High, Kaisei High, McGill University
Hate anyone: only when i have to

Would You
Eat a live hamster for $1,000,000: A cooked one I would no problem
Go to a hanson consert if you had a free ticket: maybe if I couldn’t get anyone else to go and I had nothing else to do
Kill someone you didn? know for 15 billion dollars: definitely not
If you were stuck on an island, what person would you want with you: someone I could talk to about stuff
If you loved someone and you were keeping something from them and it would hurt them if they found out, would you tell them: It would hurt me if I didn’t

Who do you admire: I dunno… Steven Hawking maybe?
Who is the last person that called you: Meghan
Who was the last person you slow danced with: I haven’t slow danced since High School… so probably Meghan
Held hands with: Jamie
Makes you laugh the most: Yasaka and Albe and Anita
Makes you smile: Anita… but not Yasaka or Albe! HA!
Can make you feel better no matter what: Meghan and Anita… but not Yasaka or Albe! HA!
Has a crush on you: At the moment, none that I know of. But please feel free to let me know!
The last person you touched?: Meghan, but not in a dirty way :P
You hugged?: Sabrina
Massaged: NEVER!
You Kissed?: hehehe
Yelled at: Nobody
Who broke your heart? nobody yet
Who told you they loved you: hehehe

Do You/Are You
Do you like filling these out: only on rainy sunday afternoons
Do you wear contacts or glasses: neither… yet…
Do you like yourself: “I love myself, cause I’m great!”
Do you get along with your family: yeah
Do you do drugs: technically yes
Have piercings below the waist?: no
Habla espanol? no
Stolen anything over $50: nope
Obsessive? I wouldn’t think so…
Compulsive? No
Anorexic? I love food too much
Depressed? no
Suicidal? no

Either Or
Night or Day: night
Snow or Rain: snow
Scary or happy movies: happy
Chocolate or white milk: Chocolate… DARK chocolate
Root beer or Dr.Pepper: Root Beer
Mud or Jell-O wrestling: Jello?
Better at talking or listening: listening
Vanilla or chocolate: chocolate
Skiing or Boarding: skiing but only slightly
Summer or winter: summer
Cake or Pie: cake
Silver or Gold: gold
Diamond or pearl: diamond
Sunset or Sunrise: sunset, when the stars come out
Coke or Pepsi: coke but only beucase I like red better
Sprite or 7up: eeew
Pants or shorts: pants
Orange juice or apple juice: apple
Cats or dogs: dogs
Coffee or tea: tea
Phone or in person: it’s always better in person;)
Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: middle-lower

Fill out
Boxers or briefs: boxerbriefs
Older, younger, same age: sameish
Tall or short: tallish
Good or bad guy: goodish
Ear pierced or not: notish
Stubble or neatly shaved: stubble
Studly or cute: cute
Dark or blonde hair: dont care
Dark or light eyes: dont care
Hat or no hat: baseball hots look good, but also stupid… its a fine line
Long or short hair: short. long sucks.
Tan or fair: tan
Freckles: meh
Foriegn accent or Normal talk: depends…

Final Questions
How many ppl are you sending this to: I think I get 5-10 hits a day…
Comments: boo!
What are you listening to right now: Everything! Yay for Party Shuffle
What makes you happy: Music
How many buddies are on your list: 66
What do you like to do: read, watch movies, talk to people
What did you do two days ago: watched The Muppet’s Wizard of Oz :D
Yesterday: went on a movie date
Career: physics?
Got any awards: yes
What are you most scared of: scary things
What car do you wish to have: something that runs and will continue to run
Where do you want to get married: not in a church
If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change: buns of steel!
What was your first car: I borrow my mom’s van.
Vegetarian: I don’t believe in vegetarianism.
Good driver: So long as Meghan isn’t talking
Good actor: Definitely not
Good dancer: I’ve been told I am… who knew?
Good storyteller: I always screw that up
Have a lava lamp: I have a lavalamp night light!
How many remote controls are in your house: I guess 7
Are you double jointed: no
What do you dream about: sleeping
Last time you showered: 11 this morning
Last time you took a bath: when I was in Japan
The last movie you saw at the theatres: Crash

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