I’ve decided to have a contest. However answers all these questions for me wins a prize.

1) Find a book that predicted the existence of the internet before it was invented (I think that’s 1984-ish or so). Everybody says that the internet was the one thing that Sci-Fi writers failed to see coming, but I don’t believe it. I’ve heard that such a book is out there and I want it.

2) It has been theorized that when there are as many computers making up the internet as neurons in the human brain, the internet itself will become a sentient mind. Who first came up with this idea?

3) How many computing devices are regularly used to connect to the internet today?

4) From what I can tell, there are 100 billion neurons in the brain, and each one has, say, 10 000 connections to other neurons. So… lets say 1014 (that’s, like, a thousand trillion) interconnections. Sure, that’s counting connections in both directions, but some sources say 50 000 connections per neuron so it’s just a pretty random number anyway. Based on internet growth trends, how long will it be before the internet has 1014 computers to it?

5) I’m convinced that sentience/intelligence does not spontaneously arrise when the hardware is ready to sustain it, but rather its developement is a gradual process. Using the answer to question three and looking at some other brain makeups, which animal’s brain is the internet similar to? The answer I want here should take the form “The internet is as smart as a…”

I’ve looking forward to all your results. The prize, by the way, is being able to say “Did you know that the internet is as smart as a…?” at cocktail parties and look smarter than everybody. Or, like a GEEK. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

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