I think it was Sabrina who said I was weird or crazy or something because I loved the way Sowelu moved her eyes at a particular moment in her music video for Rainbow, or the way the lead singer in 175R kicked his leg in one of their videos, or Nelly Furtado nodding her head in another. I think someone else said it was cool that I noticed little things like that. (Not that they appreciated them either, but they appreciated that I appreciated them.)

While I’m thinking of it, I feel this is the right time to also say that my favourite note in any song is the low A that comes in The Bells of Notre Dame between “be” and “of” in the line “Even this foul creature may yet prove to be of use to me.” In the acutal song it’s a tympani that plays it, but I really love it on piano.

Oh, and I also love the way the paperboy dance-skates down the road in the trailer for Roll Bounce, especially when he throws his arm up in the air at the end.

Anyway, so, who can guess why I love the preview for Rent? I’ve never seen the show or listened to the music before. I’ve heard that it’s good, but never really believed it. I mean, what kind of name is “Rent” for a show?

The song in the trailer is catchy, I’ll admit that. But in particular, it’s got one piano riff that I’d like to learn how to play. I like the way the spotlights sweep on in time with the cymbals. I like the guy riding around the corner on his bike. But most of all, and most inexplicable of all, is I love the way the men sing the word “love” the first time they sing “seasons of love”, and they way that girl smiles as she sings along. Ah, the little things…

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