Today, my parents were out at an art opening and dinner and my sister was working the evening shift, which meant that after coming from from work and the gym, staaarrving my stomach apart, there was only little Guster Buster there to greet me. Except he didn’t greet me so much as glance my way then stand on the stoop looking at the van expectantly. Going through his head, I’m sure, was “Where’s the person who feeds me!? I’m staaarrving my stomach apart!”. (The person who feeds him was, of course, indulging away at Veto’s.)

So I make my own dinner, which is fine, espcially since it was Oyakodon (with homemade Dashi, even… I’m so cool) and then later in the night, once everybody’s home, I’m doing the dishes, and what do I find? I plate, buried under all the rest, with gooey cinnamony sweet yummy stuff on it.

“Hey mom,” I ask, turning to her, “Do you know what this is?”

“Yeah… I, um, had a cinnamon bun for lunch.”

“A cinnamon bun? What cinnamon bun? Are you hording cinnamon buns!?!?”

“I… um…. you see….. only bought one.” She actually physically got smaller as she said it, with a face as though I just got a three year old stealing cookies.

I stared incredulously.

“It’s just that, I went into McPhee’s bakery, and they had day old cinnamon buns.”


“And I knew I would be alone for lunch….”


“And they were the big gooey kind…”


“And they only came one in a pack.”


“I… um…. you see….. only bought one. And here I was thinking nobody would ever know…”

Well, she was caught. But the upside is, I bet we’ll all have cinnamon buns by the end of the weekend :)

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