I finally understand what the French have been harping on about all these years. I was playing a song on the piano (it doesn’t matter which) and I came across a high B written like so:

But when playing a B in the bass clef, it’s usually an octave lower, like so:

I realized while playing the high B that something looked different about it… sure, it was an octave high on all those leger lines, but there was something else. Colour, perhaps? I’ve been known to see things in colour. But that wasn’t it… and then it dawned on me. It looked like a girl!

I realize now that any note directly on a leger line tends, in my head, to look feminine, while ones sitting on top of leger lines are masculine. I have no reason for it, but if anybody wants to psychoanalyse that one, be my guest. For now, just add that to my list of oddities.

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  1. Audrey says:

    WOAH Greg… you lost me there.. I still think your awesome though

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