Ah well, it looks as though I won’t be heading to Mad Hatter’s tonight as I had hoped… At least I haven’t been making no progress with these assignments due tomorrow, so I’m not completely depressed. I’ve been out a number of times already this week (and plan to go out a couple more) so missing one event isn’t a huge deal, but I really did want to go!

If I lived in the ghetto (the student one, that is… I already live in the real one) I’d be able to just drop in for a little bit. Or at least justifiably say that I’ll just drop in for a minute. The commute adds about an hour and half realistically… Although if we’re talking realistically, I’ll easily have wasted an hour and a half eyeing ads for 2-1/2′s on Aylmer and Lorne on McGill’s Off Campus Housing site by the end of the night anyway. Soon…. soooon…. I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!

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