So NASA’s set a date for going to the moon once again. I think it’s great. I’m also wondering how all those conspiracists will say they’re faking it this time too, because you know that they’re going to. There’s also going to be lots of criticism about whether or not the US can afford it. I suppose it’s a lot like whether or not we should bother to keep the Hubble Space Telescope in operation. I like, anyway, what this Griffin character said about it:

‘We’re talking about returning to the moon in 2018. There will be a lot more hurricanes and a lot more other natural disasters to befall the United States and the world in that time — I hope none worse than Katrina — but the space program is a long-term investment in our future. We must deal with our short-term problems while not sacrificing our long-term investments in our future. When we have a hurricane, we don’t cancel the Air Force. We don’t cancel the Navy. And we’re not going to cancel NASA.’

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