All I want to do is reduce the bitrate of my MP3 collection to save on disk space. Yes, I know, the songs won’t sound as good, but really, am I going to notice? No. No I am not.

The problem is that nobody has yet written a program that can actually do this. Oh, plenty of people say that their program will do it, but they all fail. I’ve tried CDex, CDMaster32, FreeRIP, GXTranscoder, MP3 Bitrate Changer (that one sounded really promising too), and Mp3go128. Not a single one worked the way it was supposed to. My favourites were FreeRIP and Mp3go128, which successfully changed bitrates from 128kbps to 64kbps, but didn’t adjust the length of the song accordingly. So it just made all the songs twice as fast. Whooopeeeee. That’s just what I want to listen to. Covers of 2554 songs by the Chipmunks!

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