Today I had every intention of writing out a fully thought through and wonderfully entertaining blog entry. Instead it’s 23:14 and I’m here yet again to complain about how I’ve got nothing done today.

Even when I tried to get something done by going to the dollar store to buy some things, it didn’t work because they didn’t have anything I wanted. They didn’t even have crappy versions of the things I wanted that I wouldn’t have bought because they sucked so much. All I wanted was a can opener! The kind you use for Apple Juice. Without any moving parts even, so I figured they’d definitely have it at the dollar store. And then when I was opening a can of soup for supper, the can opener I did have broke. Just flew apart at the seams, even though I had specifically not gotten it at the dollar store and went to Zellers instead. To make matters worse, if I had had my Apple Juice can opener, I could have used that to finish the job. Now I have to go to Zellers again, without a metro pass :(

While I’m complaining, I bought a rice cooker yesterday for $10 (that’s the good part), but I freaking burnt the rice! How do you burn rice in a rice cooker!? I thought that was the point!

One thing that did go well today was donating 50 cents to UNICEF. Yeah yeah, it was only fifty cents, but I didn’t take any of the free food they were offering! That makes up for it somehow. If I were Phoebe Buffet, if I had taken it the whole thing would have been selfish and would have completely cancelled out the positive aspects of it. Well, I’m not Phoebe, so instead I spent a good portion of my next class (which I was largely morally opposed to anyway) daydreaming about that chocolate muffin I could have been eating. At least my prof gave out candy at the midterm this evening. Yay for peanut butter cups.

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