When I read other blogs it always makes me feel like I should be posting more artsy photos, talking about the inherent beauty of things, or some other deep philosophical prose. Yet at the same time I’m bored by all that and I keep thinking about separation of variables and how I don’t know why the hell is matters what lamdba is. Shouldn’t the answer just be e^sqrt(lambda) or something like that?

Deep philosophical stuff is nice if you have the time, I guess. But now in the back of my head I’m thinking maybe I should make the time to stop and appreciate things… hmm, well, no, maybe not. Maybe I should stop blogging and get back to work! I am listening to classical music, which is pretty deep in itself.

Ok, changed the musical selection now to Fraggle Rock.

Music grows in the rose
Rock and rain and the blowing snow storm
Everything seems to sing
Everywhere I go

That’s why I don’t need to think about deep philosophical stuff. I already live by the rule of the rock :) Don’t laugh! It is very philosophical. I mention once in a while about my own personal way of looking at life, and most of it can be found in Fraggle Rock; “We are a part of everything and everything is a part of us.” For those of you who haven’t seen the last two episodes of Fraggle Rock, and I imagine that that’s all of you, then you really should.

“You know, Sprocket, meeting that Fraggle made me feel different. If little furry creatures could live behind the walls… why, that’s magical. And then, anything is possible. Think of it. Maybe you’re magic. Maybe I’m magic. Maybe Ned and Fuffenella are magic. Maybe the whole world… and then, Sprocket, if we wanted there to be a Fraggle Hole behind that cardboard box… Well, who knows?”

And still lambda is waiting for me to decide what it is…

Bring back the seasons
Bring back the time
Bring back the wonder
That used to be mine
Laughing and splashing
We lived in a glow
Bring back the wonder
We knew long ago

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