I’ve posted it before, but I’m working on the puzzle at and I’ve happily made it to level 10. This has been the best level so far. I had a good idea of what the clues were, and so to see if I could find any relationship between these seemingly unrelated bits of info, I of course tried to google them.

As it turns out, the only obvious connection between these clues that I was searching for happens to be that they all come from level 10 of the frvade puzzle. Imagine that! And of course, some jerkass had posted exactly what they meant put together, and that was exactly the sentence that showed up in the little summary. Before I knew I had done it, by the time I realized that the title of the page was “FRVADE solved”, I had already absorbed enough to ruin the riddle. And it was a really good one too (well, they all are, but this one was really fun, what with the quantum slug and everything).

Lesson learned: When searching for clues on google, always include as one term -frvade.

I hate it when someone spoils the ending!

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