The internet was down for much of this evening, so I had to find something new to entertain myself… I spent about an hour setting up some galleries to be uploaded (I got everything from 1996 to the end of 1999 done, but there are many more to go before I upload). Making these galleries always gets me a little nostalgic, and I start just browsing through all my image files aimlessly. It’s amazing how many photos I find that I didn’t even know I had. This has got to be one of my new favourites.

I know I must have told this story to everybody by now, but it has to be one of the best. I’m at a birthday party for one of the relatives of my host family here (The Irie family, for those keeping track). This is a very high class place. I think it might be a restaurant, but they seem to cater more towards these banquet type events. This was a small event no more than a dozen people, but you can see we have a large tatami room to ourselves.

This place (I wish I knew the name of it) is located further south than Nagasaki, I think in Sanwa Cho, right on a cliff face. The view, I remember, was amazing. Because it’s so close to the ocean, it’s become renouned for its fresh fish. I know first hand, in fact, how fresh the fish is. The white bowl on the left is actually about half full of water, and those little pink things are called odori-ebi. Live shrimp. So live, you crack them open yourself, pop them into your mouth, and feel them dancing all the way down. You can see on that plate in the middle, there’s a large fish. The body has been cut up into sashimi, but the proof is in the head and the tail. I wish I had a video, but you’ll just have to believe me that the damn thing is still moving. It was probably one of the same fish that we walked by on the way into the hall.

Now that’s fresh.

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