Ok, I know, everybody’s seen this but nobody believes it actually works, blah blah blah…. well take this! I think there are lots of sites that have similar stories… well anyway, I, of course, am trying to get free stuff. So you should sign up using my referal link. Yes, you do have to sign up for some weird offer, but there’s one that costs $1, which I think is worth it. I think my link is even Canadian specific, and it only gives you the offers that work in Canada. One is related to Canadian Tire, another Columbia house, and I forget the rest. Anyway, give it a shot.

Just so this whole post isn’t just a plug for free ipods, I figure I should also let you know that I made a really sweet sandwich for lunch today. So sweet, in fact, that it was overflowing in tomatos. Then of course when carrying it back into my room (as the kitchen is too disgusting to eat in, as always) a really good tomato slice slipped right off and went splat on the floor! Oh horrrors! Then, doubly worse, I stopped walking so fast my ice tea went flying everywhere too, and I ended up having to mop. But at least not all was lost, and my fantastic sandwich was only slightly less fantastic (and still very delicious) because of it.

I also saw two people on the metro today reading various incarnations of Harry Potter, which makes me happy. Yes, I know, it’s horrible, but I am one of those. I fully plan to go to the bookstore at midnight the day the seventh book comes out, dressed, as my sister would say (nay, accuse), as a Muggle, to get my fix. Meghan and I had even figured out how we thought we knew one of the major twists that would happen at the end of the seventh book, but then freaking JK Rowling had to go put that particular twist at the end of the sixth book, which means we’re back to our original hypothesis that we had deemed too unlikely to happen. I’m still doubting it, in fact. I think I might have misinterpreted Trelawny’s prophecy… Regardless, I’m very excited for even the fourth movie, The Goblet of Fire. The first three books, I think, were kinda just fluff. The story really starts to get interesting here, and if fact this is when I really started to get sucked in. Everybody keep November 18th free!

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