I think it’s going to be a lot easier to write six pages on abortion and euthanasia than I thought. All the essay questions we had to choose from seemed like things you could wrap up in half a page, one page max. And they probably are, if you wanted to just state what philosophical beliefs you had and what conclusions you draw because of them. But if you go into various details about all the consequences and how you might deal with them, which I think I need to do for this paper, then it starts to get very long very quickly. There’s lots of “It might be okay to allow abortion on the grounds that the embryo doesn’t care one way or another if it dies. But then is it ok to euthanise comatose people? Shall we kill anybody who wants to commit suicide?” etc etc etc.

One conclusion that I’m leaning towards is that who we are right now has nothing to do with who we will be in the future or who we have been in the past. I don’t know what to call it though… who that be time independent? Or time dependent? It’s time independent in that it doesn’t depend on you at previous times, but it’s time dependent in that who you are now depends only on who are you now. Maybe I just need to come up with a different term all together…

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