I’ve just come to a horrifying realisation. My job is changing my personality!

The thing about working for the Student Phonathon (where we call alumni and ask for donations) is that you have to be able to have a decent conversation over the phone. One of the things that you need to avoid is sounding like a robot reading a script. In doing that, having a regular conversation (not specifically about McGill or donating) helps out. “Oh, you have three kids? How old are they?” Things like that. (It also helps me keep my sanity). The problem is that the alumni often don’t say anything that you can turn into friendly chit-chat. “Ok. Yeah. Uh-huh.” So, as a result, whenever someone does say anything remotely interesting, you have to latch onto it and hold on for dear life.

What made me notice it today is that, when going to see one of my profs in her office hours, when she made some passing reference to one of her other classes my phonathon instincts kicked in and I started asking her all about it, as if she was going to donate $500 on credit card. At least this means that soon I’ll be hobnobbing with the best of them!

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