I’m beginning to think (and have been for a while now, actually) that computer science may just be in my blood. Both my older brothers do it for a living. And both with pretty tempting financial success. I find myself not being able to pull myself away from my Intro to Computing assignments… well, of course I still procrastinate as much as humanly possible, but when I do finally get around to them three hours can pass by and I’d hardly notice. I’m lucky if I can get 20 minutes of solid work in on a PDE assignment before I have to go get some more tea or crackers or something. In fact I’d still be working on it right now except a lot of the functions I’m trying to construct need to use some kind of substring method, but I still don’t have internet at my new place yet so I can’t look up the proper syntax and all that. Oh well. I guess I could go to bed…

Ooo! I just noticed that MTSA is giving out breakfast in Shatner tomorrow morning. Suddenly I’m very excited for tomorrow.

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