It turns out scamming free internet from the McGill Wireless network doesn’t work so well after all. The new music building is right across the street from my new apartment, so I’m pretty close to the source, but it’s very unreliable. So I’m just going to have to sucker up and pay the man (i.e. Videotron) their $50/month. Blast.

I’ve been having a generally good week (midterms not quite so catastrophic as I was expecting, moving went well, I got 10/10 on an assignment, I found out Provigo delivers for $1 and gives a 10% discount to students…. stuff like that) but I think I’m going to pay for it. No sooner than I ran out of my wonderdrug penicillin, I can feel the tinglings of a sore throat, and a little woozy feeling in my head… curse you strep throat! Don’t think you can come back in here now! I’ll so penicillin your ass again! (Hmm… maybe now the only strep bacteria that are left are the penicillin immune ones… crap… next pandemic, right here folks.)

Finally, to Proffessor Kilfoil, if you’re reading this, I love your shoes.

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