It’s the night before a midterm (Thermodynamics this time around) and I also have a Quantum Mechanics assignment to hand in, and I haven’t really felt the need to come post desperate rantings about how screwed I am. It’s fantastic!

I actually worked on Quantum well in advance (relatively well… two days actually… but better than usual) and was able to finish it by 10:06 tonight. Absolutely fabulous, I say. I haven’t quite started studying for Thermo much… stupid Partial Differential Equations gave me a bit of a big head, I think. It was sure I was screwed for that one… but it turns out that I knew just the solutions she wanted, and had worked out enough of the other problems from before that I was able to remember them well enough for the midterm. So I actually think I did well on that one. I did have one of those moments at about 1 AM that same night where I thought “DAMN! I forgot to take into account that the characteristic curves have to cross the initial conditions and drew my domain of unique solutions completely wrong, despite even having written beside my horribly erroneous solution ‘characteristics must cross the initial conditions.’” Obviously I knew the answer but just didn’t follow through with it. I wonder if I’ll get points for that….

Anyway, the point is that I have absolutely no clue how I’m going to do on Thermal tomorrow. After that’s over with, I just need to write a six page philosophy paper for Monday, and prepare for that midterm in Quantum… oh joy…. oh crap! That reminds me, I have to email my TA and tell her that I’m not passing in my six page philosophy paper tomorrow, when it’s technically due… horray for strep throat.

On a completely different note, is it weird to be excited for the next major tropical storm this season? They’ve run out of names you see, since Wilma was the last one, and in fact the only W name ever used… so, apparently they’ve got to start using Greek letters now. From what I gather the next major storm will be named “Alpha”, which is ridiculously boring I know… but still, it’s never been done before, and I’m excited for it. The really exciting thing, though, will be if Hurricane Alpha is a really big, so big that they have to retire the name Alpha. Then what’ll they do for the next big season? They’ll have to come up with a new name that somehow starts with Alpha, but isn’t Alpha. Like, ?????? or something. I would have suggested Aaron, but then you can’t very well start naming things Bbertha and Cchristopher. Maybe Aaron, Abe, Ace, Adam, Aesop…

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