I’ve more than less recovered from my wonderful strep throat (though I still feel a little woozy) and now I get to worry about all the crap I have to do this week – three, maybe four, assignments, two midterms, work, and moving.

This moving thing looks like it’s going to be a pain. I pulled some boxes out of the hideously messy closet, but I realized that I don’t really know how to pack boxes. Nothing is shaped the same as anything else. And do I have to be concerned about the spines of the people who will eventually move these things? Because all I’ve done so far is put all my binders of notes into one box. And I have plenty of binders and textbooks and regular books to keep doing that for a while. Ugh…. so much work….

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  1. Audrey says:

    I would be concerned about other ppls spines!!! Can i suggest packing heavier stuff with lighter stuff? for example, textbooks with clothes. And also since clothes, towels, bed sheets are pliable, they can fit in areas where nothing else will without adding any weight!
    On a side note.. Greg you’ll never believe this.. another one of my cousins is pregnant!! AHH!! how many times does my family need to procreate!
    Anyways I hope you are feeling better!

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